Policies, Terms & Conditions

When you book accommodations in Madam Elizabeth Resort, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The terms & conditions herein stated should not be construed to be complete and exclusive.

  1. Confirmed Bookings

All bookings are held in good faith for the arrival to the departure dates listed in the reservation system, at the rate specified at the time of booking. A full payment for your booking should be received by the Resort in advance of your arrival. A reservation is confirmed with a valid accepted credit card and cash. You undertake that you are of legal age; that all details you provide as part of the booking process, payment process or any purchase on this website are correct; that the credit card used is your own; and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the accommodations and other products & services. Reservations may be cancelled if any of the above conditions cannot be met and verified. Any reservation made is not confirmed or held until replied with a Letter of Confirmation or a Voucher thru email by the Resort Reservations. Once a booking is confirmed and the guest does not occupy the room on the due date, the advance payment would be forfeited. Confirmed bookings may be rescheduled at your request by email, subject to availability, except for peak season. This doesn’t mean that advance payment would be offset for another guest for the same date(s).

  1.  Package dealsadd-ons and PROMOS

These are offered from time to time and are subject to further terms and conditions that may or may not be detailed in the website. These terms and conditions may be confirmed by contacting the Resort Reservations prior to booking. Bookings for these packages indicate acceptance of all additional specific terms and conditions. Any and all package deals, add-ons and PROMOS may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Bookings of package deals, add-ons & PROMO purchases are non-refundable non-exchangeable, and non-transferable.

  1. Minimum Stay

Package deals and some standard rate bookings during peak periods require minimum nightly stay. Changes to reservations that do not meet minimum stay may be refused. Early check-out’s for reservations with minimum stay requirements may not be refunded. While we do our best to inform the guests of our policies, it is ultimately the guests’ responsibility to be aware of any minimum stay requirements of their reservation.

  1. Meals, Spa services, swimming pool & incidentals not mentioned in the inclusions are additional charges.
  1. Children under 12 years old are free of accommodations only.


  1. AII ratesare subject to change, without prior notice
  1. Special requests made during reservation of bookings for additional services, amended check-in/out times are subject to availability and may incur additional costs. Requests cannot be guaranteed until check-in.
  2. Changes to the details provided

It is your responsibility to inform the Resort Reservations any changes to the details you gave as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the reservation without refund. Also, the Resort will not be held liable for the delay or failure to carry out an obligation or arrangement of the changes due to your failure or delay in informing the changes. In such cases of failure or delay, the Resort must be granted a reasonable extension of time to perform the obligation or arrangement.

  1. Cancellation/No Show Policy/Rebooking

Cancellation must be informed thru email or thru the website. Cancellation made:

Less than 30 days prior to arrival date        – payment is forfeited

31-45 days prior to arrival date                      – 25% of the total amount will be forfeited

More than 45 days prior to arrival date       – 10% of the total amount will be forfeited

  1. Refunds for Credit Card Payments will be made after complete payment and after the bank declares that there is no irregularity in the transaction.

“Shortened Stays” & “No Shows” for confirmed bookings will not be refunded. For group or corporate booking, cancellation can be confirmed with the Resort Reservations by the authorized representative for the group, or the person who made the reservations.

  1. A rescheduling (rebooking) or other arrangements may, at the sole discretion of the Resort shall be considered with subject to availability and within two (2) months from time of booking. The rate at the time of booking will prevail, but if a schedule will be changed from lean period to peak period, the price difference will be collected.
  2. Force Majeure

Madam Elizabeth Resort shall not be held liable for cancellation of bookings and shortened stays because of force majeure/acts of God or conditions beyond the Resort’s control, which include floods, earthquakes, explosions, fire, civil disobedience, war, epidemic/pandemic, legislation not in force at the date of this agreement, labor disputes or delays of third parties. Also, the Resort will not be held liable for failure to carry out arrangements and other obligations due to the same circumstances. In such cases, the Resort must be granted a reasonable extension of time to perform the obligations or arrangements.

A rescheduling (rebooking) or other arrangements may, at the sole discretion of the Resort shall be considered without rebooking fee, but subject to availability and within three (3) months from time of booking. The rate at the time of booking will prevail, but if a schedule will be changed from lean period to peak period, the price difference will be collected.

  1. Check-in Time 2:00 pm Check-out Time 12:00 noon
  2. Identification

A valid passport for foreigners, and a valid government ID or valid passport for local residents should be presented upon check-in. A reservation may be denied without refund for any refusal or inability to present valid identification. The Resort requires guests who reserved by online to present their credit cards used to complete the booking at check-in.

  1. Special requestsmade during booking for early arrival, late check-out and additional services are subject to availability and may incur additional costs. Requests cannot be guaranteed until check-in.


  1. Functions and parties are not permitted in the resort and its premises. No exceptions. The only guests that are to occupy the villas are those who are registered with the Resort on check-in. Visitor limits apply and are enforced.
  2. Visitors

The Resort gates are open for all visitors, but you have to inform the front desk about all details of the visitors. Any checked-in guest who would want to stay out of the Resort must inform the Resort beforehand. Use of parking area is at the discretion of management and further conditions may apply.

  1. Privacy

The security of guests is of prime importance to the Resort. It is committed to protect your privacy, the confidentiality and security of personal information you provided us. The information you provide is necessary to process and confirm your reservation; and may include collecting this information in a personal profile. We may also collect information to allow us to properly process the payment of accounts.

The information you provide us may be used to:
– Contact you in the event of an amendment to any reservations you hold
– Create a profile to assist with any further reservations you made
– To inform you by email, if you have so agreed when registering on our site, of our special offers and promotions that may be relevant to you

The information you provided may be disclosed to other parties that have a contractual relationship with the Resort like banks and service providers. The Resort may have legal obligations required by law to disclose information you provided to the Resort.

  1. Bringing of food/drinks to Madam Elizabeth Resort premises is allowed but require prior permission from front desk office.
  2. Pets are not allowed in Madam Elizabeth Resort.
  3. Personal Belongings

Guests are reminded to mind their personal belongings. A safe is at hand to keep valuables secured. The Resort is not liable for such loss if there is negligence on the part of the guest, and after investigation, there is no evidence to warrant any negligence or mischief on the part of the Resort or its staff.

  1. Photography and Filming

Photography is permitted as long as it is for personal use and not to be published in any other format. Photography and filming are not permitted in any other public areas of the resort aside from designated areas and should be under the supervision of the Resort’s employee. A written approval from the Resort is required for commercial photography or images including trademarks or trade names.

  1. Website Policies

The website may contain links to third party websites that may or may not have a contractual relationship with the Resort. The Resort has no control over these websites and accepts no liability for any content, damage or harm as a result of visiting these websites. We will not guarantee that any file or program available for download or execution from or via this site is free from any viruses or other conditions that may damage or interfere with hardware, software or data. We accept no liability for any damage or harm as a result of the use of this website or any files or pages linked from it.

  1. Bookings of PROMO purchases, gift certificates or vouchers

Gift certifiates, vouchers and promos are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

  1. Breakages and Damages
    You will be responsible for any breakages, losses or damage caused by you or a member of your party during your stay in the accommodation. It is your responsibility to put right the damage or to make full payment to the hotel before departure and to indemnify us against any losses, damages or claims made against us.
  2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions are subject to the Laws and the Jurisdiction of Nigeria.